Why load testing Oracle Forms?

Typically, an Oracle Forms application pass through a number of environments (development, test, acceptance and production) before the application is offered to end-users. These environments are necessary to guarantee the quality and stability of the production environment. The production environment is the environment that is used by the end-user.

It appears that throughout the lifecycle of an Forms application the application logic (functionality) has primary focus. The moment the Forms application is taken into production the functionality has been guaranteed. But till that moment the Forms application is only used small-scale and tested but never exposed to a representative number of end-users. As a consequence in spite of the fact that the application is functionally working due to scalability and/or performance problems the application is not workable for end-users.

The chance that such a situation can occur, has become only greater with the introduction of the application server since each application runs on the application server. This puts high demands on the application server. Besides production disruption and dissatisfied end-users this type of problems is not rapidly solved. Extra hardware is necessary but not always soon available.

In short, insight in the performance of an Oracle Forms application before it is taken into production is no superfluous luxury. With the execution of a performance test this kind of problems can be prevented. With a performance test insight in real scalability and performance of the Forms environment can be obtained before the application is taken into production.

Forms2test is a test tool dedicated for conducting performance tests for Oracle Forms applications.